Best VSCode Plugins for Docker Web development in 2021


April 2021


  1. Visual Studio IntelliCode : Best plugin for development, works with all languages. Developed by Microsoft
  2. GitHub Pull Requests and Issues : Integrates directly into your Github account.
  3. Docker : Shows all running containers

Docker Development

  1. Remote Containers : Helps you develop in containers by reading your docker-compose.yml

Javascript Development

  1. JavaScript and TypeScript Nightly : Microsoft developed plugin for VSCodes native JS engine
  2. npm : Validates your package.json for all the packages
  3. npm Intellisense : The most useful plugin for JS development. Gives autocomplete support for npm packages.
  4. ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets : Has all useful latest snippet for frontend JS
  5. ESLint : Reads your eslint config and checks your files for errors.
  6. GraphQL : Complete graphQL support for your apps


  1. Python : Native python plugin by VSCode that supports linting, Intellisense and code formatting
  2. Jupyter : Jupyter notebook natively in VSCode


  1. Live Server : Live Server for developing HTML files
  2. Auto Rename Tag : Auto renames your closing tags. Saves you a ton of time
  3. Auto Close Tag : Autocloses HTML tags


  1. Material Icon Theme : Best Icon pack, supports all filename icons


  1. YAML : Support for kub.yaml and other yml files
  2. Better Comments : Imagine if comments could give you more with colorized context
  3. Affirmattions for VS Code : Just to make your day better with random motivational quotes

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