Install Cloudflare WARP on linux


July 2021

Cloudflare calls this service "A VPN for People Who Don’t Know What V.P.N. Stands For"

Cloudflare WARP

Since cloudflare launched the WARP service for mobile on 11/11 called . Linux users were waiting for a version of the client for Linux even as they released a version for Windows and MacOS. Even though the Linux client does not have a GUI there are a few open source alternatives you can use.

Installing the CLI

# If you're on Ubuntu
sudo apt install cloudflare-warp
# If youre on CentOS
sudo yum install cloudflare-warp

Making the connection: CLI way

# Register the client first
warp-cli register # Agree to the privacy document

# Connect to the client
warp-cli connect

# Lets test if it worked
# It should generate a a log called warp=on

Optional: Installing the GUI

There is an open-source python file that renders WARP as a GUI on linux. The repos is located here:

Here are simple instructions:

git clone
cd warp-cloudflare-gui
# Install the program

This should create a link in the desktop. Search for Warp Cloudflare in the desktop menu.

WARP Client for Linux

Advanced: Switching modes

WARP CLI can also be used to toggle between modes. It has two available modes:

  1. DOH - DNS over HTTPS
  2. WARP+DOH - WARP mode and DNS over HTTPS

Changing modes:

# Switch to DOH Mode
warp-cli set-mode doh

# Switch to WARP=DOH
warp-cli set-mode warp+doh
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