Fix Jio Fiber Router Heating Issues


January 2023

Since the first week of December 2022 my router has been frequently disconnecting. After filing around 4 service requests nobody could tell me what the issue was. I even got the whole line rewired all the way from the connecting pole. That didnt fix it either. But one of the technicians who came along told me that it could be because of the router overheating. To test his theory I switched off the router let it cool down and switched it off again. To my surprise it actually worked. His theory also made sense since the router had no connection issues during nights when it was colder.

Now that I had identified the overheating issue I needed a way to cool it down. Here are the things I tested:

  1. Keep the router at an elevated point
  2. Flipping the router to expose the back part
  3. Shifting the router under a fan None of them seem to work sustainably.So I decided to cool it down best I know how.

Step 1

Turn off the Wifi's on the MyJio app. Navigate the wifi settings and turn off both wifis

Step 2

Connect an external wifi router to the Jio router using an ethernet cable. I used an old TP-Link router to serve as my wifi endpoint. Wifi Schematic


So far after 48hrs of testing it and connecting 8 devices at the same time. It holds up well. The Jio router does not seem to heatup either. In the meanwhile I have ordered a replacement for the router. Whats odd is that the internet did not have solutions for my search at all, some forum questions that do exist ( do not have any helpful tips at all. Hopefully quick guide helps someone fix their internet at the time of need.

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